Using AWS for free VPN

I first read the idea of using VPN to access your AWS instances in one of many books about AWS (maybe it was AWS for Dummies?). Author created a EC2 instance based on AMI with OpenVPN. I decided to do the similar thing.

10 years ago I setup OpenVPN server myself right on the main router on my job. I had to compile it from sources and then configure. Now I am too lazy for that and found a nice article How to setup your private VPN on Amazon AWS. Thanks webdigi!

I quickly ran through there CloudFormation template and found nothing suspicious. It took actually less then 10 minutes to get up and running. And the first thing I did is denied SSH connections to my WordPress from all IPs except my VPN. Got illusion of safety and protection now 🙂

First issue with WordPress

This morning I decided to play with Appearance settings in WordPress. Well, you can add images to header or as a background etc. But when you select an image it asks you to crop it and fails with “There has been error cropping your image”! The solution was googled quickly, thanks to For Amazon Linux I had to do this:

sudo yum install php56-gd
sudo service httpd restart