Chocolatey: package manager for Windows

We’re all used to package managers in Linux distros: Aptitude in Debian, yum in Read Hat, emerge in Gentoo. This list can be continued. I was very surprised when my colleague suggested to install Homebrew on Macbook to get some tools. I did that and I’m happy. Almost all my tools now get installed with brew install.

If I’m stuck with Windows on my home laptop I thought maybe there is a package manager for Windows? Yes! There is! It’s called Chocolatey! Looks like it’s based on Power Shell so the installation process is super easy. Plus reading there guide isĀ  enough to make it work.

As of now I have installed bunch of my tools using choco install: JDK, Groovy, Gradle, Maven and Intellij IDEA! Isn’t that neat?


One thought on “Chocolatey: package manager for Windows”

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